Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - January 25

1. What we're eating this week
We are still LOVING our meal deliveries from HelloFresh
This week we received:

Shawarma Meatballs with Bulgur and Sumac Veggies
We made this Sunday evening and it was a solid meal. Although I don't really know what "Shawarma" or "Sumac" technically are, I am down with meatballs, veggies and bulgur so I was up for the challenge. All in all it was good, but the meatballs could have used a little more flavor. 

Sweet Apple Pork Chops with Cauliflower Mash and Snap Peas
This was hands-down my favorite meal of the week. Yes, I realize it was only Tuesday when I made it,  but OMG it was so good. Maybe because I was completely surprised by how much I actually liked it - I am typically not a fan of the sweet & savory in one meal. Anyhow, the cauliflower mash was excellent. I realize most people do cauliflower mash to save on carbs from the potatoes BUT this mash was half potato half cauliflower and it was so delish! I also was able to easily make this Whole30 approved by using ghee instead of regular butter!

One-Pot Tortelloni with Kale and Parmesan Bread crumbs
I haven't made this yet because I am not a huge fan of tortelloni - I'll save this for the kids to eat when Kevin and I have a date night.

2. What I'm reminiscing about
I can't believe that Ryan is halfway though Kindergarten. This week I started seeing flyers for Kindergarten Round Up (for kids entering Kinder next fall)! I can't believe it's already that time again!
Sweet boys at their Kinder Round Up

3. What I am loving
I stocked up during their winter sale and some of my Must Haves include the Blush/Bronzer Duo, The Love & Luster lipgloss set, the Lip Shine, & the Charcoal Mask - even Kevin loves that!!!
I also bought the kids shampoo & conditioner - we haven't used it yet, but will soon!

4. What we've been up to
Well, I finished the Whole20 (I know that's not really a thing) but it's something in my book :)

5. What I'm dreading
Nothing at the moment. Of course that could change...

6. What I'm working on
The Playroom
- Painting the entertainment system 
- Decorating the walls
Ryan's Star Wars Room
- Wall decor
- Maybe painting walls?

7. What I'm excited about
 Our laundry room is finished! I'll do a post on this soon :)

8. What I'm watching/reading
Just finished The Nightingale
Wow. This book is about two sisters living in France during WWII. It's heartbreaking and intense but a beautiful story that follows these ladies on their path of survival in German-occupied, war torn France. 

9. What I'm listening to
We have been getting a lot of requests for "Gummy Bear". I haven't met anyone that is familiar with this song, but it could be because it was released in 2007, so we are about ten years behind.  Oh well, YouTube recommended it and it is a hit for us. 
It's kinda catchy!
And I hear a decent amount of YouTube kids are obsessed. Oye.

10. What I'm wearing
Lots of jeans and sweaters. repeat.
I actually made a little goal to not buy any new clothes in the month of January. My plan was to use the month to purge what I don't wear without bringing in anything new....well, I haven't bought anything new, but I haven't technically purged anything either. Oops!

11. What I'm doing this weekend
-Celebrating my father-in-laws birthday with a family brunch at Mudhen. I have never been there and it's down at the Farmers Market - another place I haven't been! 
-a handful of kids birthday parties
- Hayden's swim lessons
- Ryan's basketball game
- Maybe sneaking in a date night 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month
This view
Kevin and I are heading to Mexico for a long weekend with friends! I am so excited! I also cannot wait to go shopping for this :)

13. Who is your favorite bachelor and bachelorette
Kevin and I do love some Bachelor/Bachelorette - a guilty pleasure indeed! I might be partial but my favorites are Sean & Catherine, and JoJo & Jordan. And....maybe they both live down the street from me. ha! Not that I know them by any means, but I do follow them on Instagram so it's kinda like we are friends? right? lol. I have seen Sean and Catherine at Tietze park a few times....a few years ago I actually got a pic with them. 
So fun!

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