Monday, September 26, 2016

Stonewall Speakeasy

Saturday night was one of the annual Stonewall themed parties - our first of many I have no doubt! Back in April Sarah asked me if we wanted to help host this party since Ryan would be in kinder this year - so glad we did! It was such a great way to get to meet more SJE families.  And the party was pretty fun too!

At the end of August all of the ladies met up at Bodega for some wine and party planning. These ladies are efficient! We talked ideas, figured out what needed to be done and assigned jobs.  This isn't their first rodeo. 

Invitations were printed and handed off to Sarah and myself. We bought little glass bottles with corks and filled them with moonshine to deliver with the invitations.

Our little helpers:
Once we had them ready to go we passed them off to be hand-delivered.

Next up was taking mugshots. 
We thought this would be so fun for each of the hosts to be accused of a "20s themed" crime and have our mugshots places around the party as decoration. Carolyn and Casey pulled all of this together - assigning crimes, assembling props, the backdrop, photography, printing...the whole thing.  They are amazing! We just showed to to get our picture taken in hair and makeup and they did the rest. 


I love how they turned out! They also kept the pictures a secret until the night of the party - it was so fun walking around and seeing everyones crime and pics!

So my job was to help with decorations - my favorite! lol There was a lot of gold and glitz!

And now for the PAR-TAY!

Dressed up and ready to go!

Such a fun night of "dressing up, meeting new friends, dancing and "not drinking".

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