Thursday, May 12, 2016

Champagne & Sparkles 40th

My sister-in-law, Sarah, celebrated her 40th birthday last week and although her husband is taking her to Napa he also threw a 'little' party for her. She's a lucky lady :)

Like any good husband, he enlisted help. After a few emails were exchanged I think he realized he was in for more than just a 'little' party. Michaels response was "You guys are insane! I was just going to get a keg and a couple of bottles of wine and call it good." 
Oops! I just love parties! 

Invitations were made by Jennifer @ The Inviting Ink

On Saturday Michael and I spent the day decorating. Besides the 11am yoga class that we walked into everything went pretty smoothly. AND nothing had fallen off the walls when we returned. Yay!

We decided to make it girly and fun - who doesn't love champagne and sparkles? 
Our desert table - with all of Sarah's favorites! Society bakery cake and cupcakes, cafe donuts donut holes, Festive Kitchen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and candy including milky ways and york peppermint patties! I also was suppose to have mini cheesecakes but I forgot them at home! I have a lot of cheesecake now...


I also did a table with Sarah's favorites - Sarah's Top 40 (inspired by Trinh's party for Nat's 30th)

Instead of a photo booth we had a mini Polaroid camera for guests to take pictures. They could tape them up on the chalkboard or on the Guest Mad Libs that Jennifer created for the party. 

We had lots of pictures of Sarah and friends hanging for guests to see. There were some great ones!

And Michael had Blue Mesa cater - so yum! The servers that came were amazing and even served drinks!

Here's that keg Michael spoke of...Sarah's favorite beer. 

I created a little DIY champagne bar and it was a pretty big hit! People actually used it! Yay! The pitcher was full of Bubbly Strawberry Mojitos and they were AMAZING. I will definitely be making those again!

The champagne bar was inspired by Mint Loves Social Club
The Blackberry Thyme Sparkler was from here.

Red wine, white wine and champagne

And Jello Shots! I am not typically a fan but these were so GOOD! Backstory: one of Sarah's good friends makes Jello shots for every occasion. So we hit her up to make a special one for Sarah's 40th - a champagne Jello shot - it was delicious! 

I found these marquee lights at Michael and they worked perfectly! I just hung them on the wall with command hooks!

 That's all for the decor - now a few party pics!

Hanging with the birthday girl!

Two Amy's

People following directions! woot woot!

This sweetie who had the kids all day while I set up for the party. 

I had so much fun and wish I could do it all over again! 
Cheers to Sarah!

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