Monday, April 4, 2016


Last Monday the kids had the day off from school so I decided to take them to the arboretum for Mommy and Me Monday. 
Hayden LOVED the petting zoo. 
She hovered over the bunny the entire time and she would randomly point, scream and give a big ol grin. I am sure he loved it. After 45 minutes I carried her out kicking and screaming. 

We ate a picnic lunch and then walked over to the children's garden for a little bit. 

Then home for Hayden's nap. 
The wagon worked out really well because they all love sitting in it. 

Skipping ahead to Thursday...we met friends at Coffee park to celebrate Brooks turning two!
He and Hayden are two peas in a pod. 


Friday evening we headed to Ryan's flag football game. It was actually kinda chilly, but the kids refused to wear jackets. 
Hayden was all over the place and then finally stetted down the last 15 minutes for a snack (that she stole from the team). Grayson was easy-going and sweet. He played around and then kept busy by picking grass. He impressed himself each time and of course showed each piece to me. "Mom, look how big this one is!"

Ryan played the majority of the game but never made much contact with the ball (or really anyone for that matter).  They did give him the ball one time but he ran horizontal, then froze and started crying because he didn't want anyone taking his flag. He's pretty fast so if we could just get him going in the right direction I have no doubt he could outrun these kiddos! Oh well at least he enjoys playing on the team with his friends from school. 

Saturday morning we had Grayson's soccer game. That afternoon we headed to the Jackson's to celebrate Charlie's first birthday! It was such a beautiful day - the kids had so much fun running around and playing with friends. 

Hanging out with Tate. About to feed him some corny dog. 

I think a trampoline might be in our future...

Just chillin' by the drinks...still working on her corny dog. 

On Sunday I met up with some fun Lakewood Ladies at Bistro31 for brunch. It was a fun group of girls. Afterwards a few of us did a little window shopping in Highland Park Village. 

And when I got home I discovered we had a new friend...

Yikes! At least he's outside! 
The kids were so excited and ran out there to try and play with it. Of course it ran away...but Hayden keeps checking the hole to see if it's coming back. 

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