Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Adventure Guides: Camp Grady Spruce

While I was in New Orleans, Kevin and Ryan headed to Camp Grady Spruce for the Adventure Guides campout. Their group, the Fighting Cheetahs, caravanned out there Friday afternoon and after some minor car drama made it to camp about 8pm. I don't think they kids got to bed until about 10ish? And the dads...it was after midnight.

playing with the campfire? not really sure...believe it or not, I didn't get a ton of explanation on what was actually happening in the pictures :)

Dads and sons of the Fighting Cheetahs group

They loaded all the kids in the back of a suburban to drive (a short distance) for some activities. 

Playing with worms

Ryan caught a fish! (Not sure what is on his face...or why Kevin left if there)

The Fighting Cheetahs. On Saturday night there was a "play" put on by some of the older campers and their fathers. 

Little Campers

Five year olds with fire torches. Seems safe. 

I loved getting all these pictures throughout the weekend. It looked like such a fun time!
and I know my sweet boy had a great time!

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