Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Festivities

We kicked off our Easter fun with the LECPTA egg hunt!
Grayson is a big fan of petting zoos. My other two - not so much. Hayden cried when I tried to set her down with G...and Ryan was too busy playing with his friends to come over. Oh well, G and I visited with all the animals,

Hanging out waiting for the egg hunt to start. 

So many eggs!

Ryan checking with me to see if he found the golden egg...sorry bro.
Little lady was not giving me any smiles... she wasn't to thrilled to miss her morning nap!

Smiles with sweet Sydney

The boys had Easter parties at school, complete with egg hunts. Grayson was so excited to wear his bunny mask that he made...what a cutie!

We hosted playgroup and I decided to throw a very last minute Easter party...with an egg hunt of course! Love these kiddos!

Look mom, a football egg!

On Good Friday we headed to Lakewood park for the MOPs egg hunt. 
 happy girl!
These three own my heart

Checking out the eggs

The aftermath...

Yup, that's a big ol drool spot on his shorts.  
Candy drool.

This little lady loves playing with all of the colorful eggs too!

Playing with Blake!

Sweet boys!

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