Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Hayden - 8 Months

Sweet little lady!

Big things have been happening over here at he McDonough household. 
1. She is sleeping through the night 7:30pm - 7am
2. She sits up. She has been doing this for a while but she is pretty darn good at it now. In fact, she won't use the bouncer or the bathing seat anymore because she doesn't like to lean back. She wants to be sitting straight up with perfect baby posture.
3. Started moving forward. Not quite a crawl...a bit of an army crawl. And she is really proud of herself. watch out boys!

7am: wake up & nurse
play with the boys & eat breakfast
9am: nap
Wake up and nurse
Lunch with the boys
2pm: nap
4pm: wake up and nurse
play play play
6pm nurse
eat dinner
7:30 bottle and bed
lots of bunny outfits for Easter

Ryan loves helping out with Hayden

So curious. Gotta keep that paci in so she doesn't shove everything else in...

So happy to be eating big kid food!

And so proud to be driving the grocery cart!

No teeth yet but it doesn't stop her from eating anything and everything.

So tired. 

Being silly with daddy!

Eating pizza with Yiayia and Papu at Grimaldis. 

Notice how everything goes right in the mouth?

And not so much a haircut but a little bit of hair extraction...compliments of Grayson & his new train. Poor girl. However, I think Grayson was more upset because his train stopped working. She is a tough little lady.  

Such a BIG month for Hayden! Love love love her so much!

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