Friday, August 22, 2014

Two Weeks - Baby Hayden

The last two weeks have flown by...and I am sure it won't stop anytime soon! On Thursday we had our two-week appointment and here are her stats:

Weight: 5lbs 15oz (5%)
Height: 19 inches (10%)
HC: 34 cm (5%)

So I was a little disappointed with her weight. I really thought that she would be above her birthweight (6lbs 3oz) but her doctor wasn't concerned so it's not really a big deal.  I ended up nursing her and then sneaking back over to the scale before I left...I got her up to 6lbs. Yay!

At the hospital they told me her height was 18inches and at the appointment yesterday she was 19inches. The nurse was a little unsure so we measured twice - def 19 inches. Since she probably didn't grow a full inch in the last two weeks we can assume the hospital nurses didn't quite get her measurements right.

Her head is only in the 5th percentile...which is fine since the rest of her isn't much bigger. That's probably why I have such easy babies have such small heads! Anyhow, some of her headbands seem tight which is a little concerning since her head is so small.

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