Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Friday morning I had MOPs and our speaker was Drew Demler, who is the manager of the Greenhouse on the Midway for the State Fair of Texas. He came to talk to us about Fall planting. You may or may not know that while I appreciate the beauty of plants/flowers/trees ect...I do not have what they call a 'green thumb'. In fact my mom and Kevin actually think that I secretly hate plants because I never put much effort into keeping them alive. Oye.
Well, Drew got me all excited about plants..I even took three pages of notes! lol! But I was mainly excited about an herb garden (which ironically he didn't really talk about). I have wanted an herb garden for a while now...back when we lived on Miller, but then I decided to wait until we moved...and so now 1.5 years later here we are. So I decided this would be the perfect weekend to start one!
After MOPs Grayson was exhausted and went right down for a nap. Ryan and I hung out for a little bit longer and then he went down. 
Silence. Mommy time. Wohoo! 
But I had a HUGE mess & all my Halloween decorations to take down. So I did. 
And I even added a little Thanksgiving fun :)
About an hour and a half later it was all clean and I decided to relax and sit on the couch. 
Cue little G.
Lol - isn't that how it always happens? 
Oh well - he is pretty fun too :)

We played downstairs for a while and then moved up to the game room once Ryan had been sleeping long enough (his room is right next to it, so I try not to play in there while he is sleeping). I hate having to wake him up (he gets pretty grumpy) but if he happens to hear us playing in the game room he is usually much happier because he wakes up 'on his own' and then gets to play with us! For dinner we headed to Matt's to celebrate Hayes's first birthday! The boys loved it!

Saturday morning (bright and early) we had Ryan's last soccer game! It was COLD! and I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been. Thankfully sweet little Parker let Grayson borrow one of her hats...
Soccer was so much fun this year. I love all the kids (and their parents) on the team so it was such a great way to spend Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings for the past 8 weeks!
I wouldn't say Ryan is a soccer enthusiast by any means...but he loved hanging out with his friends too!
Not sure if he ever actually kicked the ball but he sure did love running around the field chasing it! And when he got bored with that he still had fun....here he is playing ring-around-the-roise with Eileen, Emme and Sydney...during the soccer game :)
And then he decided to push Ford around on the push car. 
And of course Grayson wanted to push his buddy Hayes around too

After the game we had team pictures. 
So cute!!!

We headed home for lunch and naps. Kevin and Ryan went to home depot to get stuff to make me an herb garden! Yay! Ryan was so excited about all the wood they bought. He thought (and still thinks) that this herb garden is for Mr. Butterfly (who is long gone). Apparently he thinks he will come back and live with the herbs. Sweet boy. 

After naps we headed north for our family pics with Chelle Cates!
The session went pretty well, until PJ time...that's when the boys fell apart. They were over it. Oh well! I am sure she got some good ones - she always does!
They look happy here...but they are just tricking you! Lot's of tears :( 
Nothing a sucker and some chocolate milk couldn't fix though :)

We headed back home to watch some football and eat pizza!
On Sunday morning we ALL got that EXTRA hour of sleep - SIKE! lol. Nope, we were up at 6:30. JOY.
We played at the house until the boys were bouncing off the walls ready to get out and then we headed to the park. 

The Botterman's came over for lunch and I made these ham & cheese sliders because I had a ton of leftover rolls from our party. My friend Nat made these before and they were so yummy!
While we had some extra hands Kevin got some help with my herb garden project. 

After naps we headed to Evie's 2nd birthday party! For some reason I thought it started at 3pm...but when we pulled up and noticed that no one else was there I realized we were an hour early! Oops! 
So we made a quick trip to Home Depot to get the last two pieces of wood we needed. 

Now it was party time! Wohoo!
Evie is such a sweet little girl! She has been very excited about her birthday party and all she really wanted was CAKE!
Grayson was very excited about the party hats...he wanted them all. Ryan also insisted on wearing one - which is probably why G wanted one. 
Oh don't mind G - he is busy working on his dinner. You know he doesn't like to skip a meal. 
Happy birthday to sweet little Evie! Such a fun party - the boys (and us too) had a blast!

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