Monday, April 22, 2013

Building Vandy

So my last update was in February after they installed the wood floors. It's been a while. And thankfully there has been a lot going on. First of all, we have a move in date! Wohoo! May 17th is the BIG day! It is possible that it could be ready earlier but that is the day we decided to get movers. We are beyond excited!

So what's been happening? Well....
After the wood floors were installed the trim guys started working...I never realized how much work they would be involved in but they sure do have a lot including:
- door & window frames
- baseboards & crown molding
- staircase & railing
- fireplace mantle
- beams in grand room
- coffered ceilings
- wainscoting in dining room & boys bathroom room
- frames for mirrors in bathrooms
- shelving in all closets
- exterior trellis
- exterior backyard porch screen
- exterior balcony railing

Unpainted staircase

backyard wooden porch screen

Basically every time I think they are done they are back over there with another project. I didn't realize everything their job encompasses. So crafty. They do such great work - everything looks amazing!

Next up all of our built-ins were installed. Pretty impressive that it took about two days to get those in - they look awesome!
Built-ins in the living room

After the built-ins were installed the painters started and we are loving all the colors so far! Well, with the exception of the game room which was accidentally painted the wrong color - lol! We chose Behr Harvest Brown and they painted it Benjamin Moore Harvest Brown...which are incredibly difference colors. I was quite shocked when I saw it but it's not a big deal. I am anxious to see out dining room and Ryan's room - those were the two rooms where we took the biggest risks! The dining room is a navy blue and Ryan's is a bright green!

Master bathroom vanity

Our white kitchen!

And recently our countertops were all installed. Love love love. In order to get the kitchen ones in they also installed our sink and cook top - so fun!

While all this was going on inside there were also crews outside finishing up the stucco (which took longer than expected, but it was ok since it wasn't causing any delays). Our standing seam (metal) roofing. We also got our landscaping plans back and are so excited about the ideas for the courtyard. Anyhow, this week they are suppose to lay all the flatwork! Yay for a driveway and tired of getting so muddy every time we go over there.

They also stained the cedar beams, front door and additional exterior wood out front.  It's been really exciting and I am honestly over there every day checking out their progress - they probably think I am crazy! I just love seeing everything they are doing. It's very exciting to be in the final countdown...lots of work these next few weeks!

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