Friday, April 12, 2013

24 hours in Houston

Last weekend Kevin took Ryan camping! Yup - Ryan's first time. They had a blast and Kevin agreed to guest blog about it. Hope to have his post soon!
Anyhow, since G was too little to go camping we decided to take a quick little trip down to Houston. We boarded a SW flight Saturday morning and were there in no time! G did great on the flight...lots of flirting, some puff eating, some drinking and then some sleeping. 

Mk and Brian picked us up from the airport and we headed back to their house to see the kiddos (my first time to meet Brooks!) and have some lunch. Once we got the kids down for nap time, the girls headed out for a little shopping. 

Around 6pm the Birds came over. 
Grayson was so happy with Jennifer! 

And Marc did a science experiment for the older kids. 

Mk arranged for a babysitter so we had a fun evening out with adults! I headed to Cru wine bar with the Birds and Meghan, while the Aston's went to her sisters baby shower. Afterwards we all met up at Americas for a yummy dinner!

  It was such a fun night...maybe a wee bit too much wine for me! Wasn't feeling wonderful the next morning...especially not excited about flying with a seven month old but it was probably better than driving back!

 Grayson LOVED playing with Caroline and Thompson. He can't wait for Ryan to start playing with him more!

And I swear G is usually super happy but he was not thrilled about this photo opt with his buddy Brooks. He was very upset. Maybe he was mad because we dressed them alike? lol

But he did find his hair interesting...

So much fun! Hugs and kisses to my wonderful friends! Such a fun 24 hours!

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