Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Ryan (18 months)

Dear Little R, 

Happy 18 months little man! Here is a quick recap of what we have have been up to this past month:
-Celebrating Christmas
-Spent NYE with Grandma, Grandpa and Audrey!
-Took a trip to Austin
-Took a trip to Houston
-Started Soccer tots!

Hanging in my boots!


You wake up anytime between 7 and 8am which is wonderful. You eat Cheerios with yogurt while playing with your toys then at some point you request a show for yourself. We usually watch Sesame Street and then get ready for the day. we are still pretty busy these days - MDO, Kindermusik, Little Gym and Soccer Tots. You seem to love it all and we have so much fun together.
Lunch is around 11:30 then off to dream land around noon. You nap until 2 or 3 and usually wake up quite happy.
Dinner is around 5:30 and your daddy gets home around 6:15. You guys play play play then hit up the bathtub for some more fun. Then its books and bedtime around 7:30/8ish.

Some days you eat really well, and some days you don't.
One day you will eat a ton of something, the next day you won't touch it. This keeps your mommy on your toes! I don't stress about it because I know you will eat when you are hungry. I just keep offering and thats that.

Still working on getting that last molar (bottom left)

Helping Papu build my cozy coupe!
Weight: 23.3lbs (15%)
Height: 32.5in (55%)
Head Circumference: 46.8cm (24%)
Clothes: 18 months
Shoe size: 5.5 and growing...probably are going to need a new pair this month

New Words
Plane - you get so excited when you hear a plane in the sky. You point up and say "pla"
Other than that I don't think there are any other "new" words. You definitely blabber a lot like you have so much to say but it doesn't make much sense yet.
Just a quick ride to the mailbox for Yiayia

Other random notes
You LOVE to dance and it is super cute. You get so excited and your little feet go so fast! You also added a twirl to your routine and its darling.

You LOVE your cowboy boots. When you find them you always bring them for me to put them on you and then you tap around in them. So adorable.

Recently your favorite toy has been your Jack-in-the-box. You love to wind it up to right when it is about to pop out and then you bring it to me (so it pops on me!). You think it is so funny. Such a silly boy!

You also have a love hate relationship with a whoopee cushion. You think it is so funny and want us to keep blowing it up but when we deflate it sometimes you almost cry - but then you want it inflated right back up again. Crazy boy!

Project 366 - week 4

January 22 - Ryan had so much fun playing with his Cozy Coupe box while Papu built his car. 
January 23 - Headed back to Dallas with Ryan and the two pups - got home and was unloading the car and Ryan crawled underneath the back deck! Looks like we need to fix that hole!
January 24 - First time for the kiddos to eat lunch at table and chairs at school! They are getting so BIG!
January 25th - Ryan thinks Mr. Potato Head's glasses are so funny! They are pretty funny on him :)
January 26th - Ryan is obsessed with these moving men at North Park
January 27th - Every time we go to BabyBliss RYan LOVES playing with this Plan Toys play table. It is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to get him one when we move in to a larger house. I think it will be his big 2 year birthday gift!
January 28th - Daddy and Uncle Bryan doing a MAN project. They fixed the broken lattice under the deck - wohoo! Grandpa also helped too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cowboys and Cowgirls - Yeehaw!

This weekend we were able to celebrate Vivian and Thompson's first birthday! 
Their mommies are best friends and these little sweeties were born only three days apart! I was super excited when they told me the theme - I knew they were going to throw and amazing party and they did not disappoint!

My pictures probably do not do justice...this party had everything! The decorations were ADORABLE, the entertainment was plentiful, the food was delicious and everyone had an awesome time. I know my little man was SO happy! He loved everything!

I'll start with the decorations.

MK got crafty and made this ADORABLE wreath! I will have to get the details on how....

Mk had a "step and repeat" for everyone to take fun pictures! Check out all these adorable props!
I didn't actually get to take a picture with the cute set up but apparently Ryan did - he loved playing with all the toys that were out. 

Here was the view from the street - this was before the animals (and people) arrived!
Mk MADE the pennant banners herself and they were really adorable. 
The large banner hanging was from BuildASign.com and worked perfectly hanging from their upstairs balcony. They also had a second one that was a backdrop for the Trail Mix table. 

Tiffiny (Vivian's mom) started her own photography business and she takes gorgeous pictures. They got the little kiddos together for a photo shoot before the party so they had TONS of adorable pictures of the little ones to set everywhere. 

On to the food.
Hot dogs and all the fixins were served. There was queso and "Cowgirl dip" which was delicious - cream cheese, rotel and sausage.

This drink was a huge hit - ginger ale, champagne and frozen strawberries - YUM!

 The Trail Mix bar was a big hit - all the kids LOVED mixing their own bags up.
When Mk told me she was going to do this I was excited to help! I found the bushel baskets and bandanas at Michaels, the little chalkboards at Hobby Lobby and then I just made the labels myself.
They ordered the banner from BuildASign and the adorable picture was taken by Tiffiny!
Check out all those goodies!

They got these adorable treat bags printed for the party.

Ok so now for some party pics!

LOVE this picture of the birthday boy with his mom!

Caroline (birthday boy's big sis) and Ryan. So cute in their western wear!

(left) The kiddos watching the animals coming in. (right) Ryan love the little piggy


(left) Ryan following the horse up the street. (right) Caroline and Parker holding hands on their horse ride - so cute!

Love these ladies!

Ryan getting tired (hair twirl) with Jessica. 

AND the smash cakes....

Wasn't this ADORABLE? We had so much fun!! Thanks Mk & Tiff! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birds Eye View Optometry

My best friend from high school followed her dreams and opened he own optometry practice in Katy this year - Bird's Eve View Optometry.  So proud of this chica!

Since we were in Katy this weekend we made sure to stop by and get our eyes checked. The office is beautiful and Dr. Bird is so professional - love her! If you are in the area and needs an Optometrist you should check her out! Here are some pictures from our visit.

Ryan helping Dr. Bird work up Yia yia T

Just hanging out in the waiting room

Time to get his eyes checked! Dr. Bird checking his prescription - everything good!

Checking his peripheral vision. 
The finger puppets were a HUGE hit even though he appears to be giving it the evil eye.
All good there as well. 

Hugs with Dr. Bird!

Project 366 - Week 3

January 15 - Sunday funday with Rob! Eating at our first food truck - little R LOVED the chicken from The Mighty Cone and wanted to share it with uncle rob!
January 16 - Attack of the bubbles! Playing in the backyard with his cousins.
January 17 - My little bug LOVES the park - even if it's cold.
January 18 - Yay for the first day back to music class! Audrey came with us to our class and these two were so darn cute toting their supplies out to the car afterwards!
January 19 - Helping mommy pack for our trip to Houston.
January 20 - Loving the pool at Yia yia and Papus - he kept trying to sneak in! Thankfully we got the gate set up!
January 21 - Having a BALL at Thompson and Vivian's first birthday party!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 366 - Week 2

January 8 - Ryan wants to "get in" everything. He loves Bob's kennel but when he started trying to get inside his farm it was hilarious!
January 9 - He is also a fan of riding everything. He loves his train and his frog rocker but apparently he isn't too picky - the paper towels worked for him as well!
January 10 - First day back to school since winter break (which was a MONTH!). No crying for my little man - he did good!
January 11 - While we were getting ready in the morning Ryan decided he wanted to "get in" the cabinet. See what I mean...huge fan.
January 12 - Ryan loved the colored mat at Little Gym today...he ran back and forth on it.
January 13 - Ryan loved running up and down the hallway at the hotel - playing on the bell cart was also fun.
January 14 - Having so much fun at Reeses first birthday party - swinging with mommy!

Project 366 - Week 1

Yup, I jumped on the bandwagon. It was about 5 days into the new year when I decided I wanted to do the whole "project 366" thing this year. Luckily for me I had taken a picture for the first five days so I was already on track.

Originally I was only planning to update my blog with Project 366 photos once a month - but then I came across some fun templates and decided weekly might work better for me. Eventually I plan to make it into a photo book which will be a great keepsake.

I found a bunch of templates but ended up using this free template from "Simple As That". She actually uses this template and does a 'monthly' 366 project but since it had seven slots for pictures it worked perfect for what I needed.

January 1 - Ryan was quietly chowing down on dinner and I didn't even notice things were getting wild with the ketchup until I went over there to clean him up. Goodness - he had rubbed ketchup all through his hair...delicious.
January 2 - Made sour cream chicken enchiladas from No More To Go - Amazing!
January 3 - Reorganizing everything - starting with the laundry room. So happy with my new chalkboard labels.
January 4 - My little man laying on the floor (pretending to be a dog) and playing with Macy while I made dinner.
January 5 - Ryan chasing bubbles at Little Gym - he was so serious. He likes to make sure they are all popped.
January 6 - This little bug passed out on the way home from the Zoo. Check out those chunky thighs!
January 7 - Celebrating Lindsey's 28th birthday with dinner at Neighborhood Services Tavern - yum!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Circus First Birthday

This past weekend we headed down to Austin for a fun family getaway. One of our friends was throwing a first birthday party for her daughter so it was the perfect excuse to make the trip. It also worked out that my brother and Claire were going to be in town. We had such a wonderful weekend and were so happy that we got to hang out with friends and family. I'll detail the rest of the weekend in another post but for this one it's all about the PARTY!

Natalie did such an awesome job planning this party for her little girl Reese! I loved the theme, the bright color decorations and of course all the yummy food.

Check out the adorable party below-->
I love the picture of big brother Aiden leaning in to give his little sister a kiss! So cute!

Ryan had a BALL! 
There were so many toys that he loved playing with and he enjoyed the food as well. 
Ryan LOVED this hot pink cupcake. 
He really just enjoyed licking the icing...who can blame him?

Oh and he was a HUGE fan of the sandbox. Can't wait to get him back to the beach!!!

One of Ryan's favorite toys that he found. He may have monopolized it. 

My little silly clown testing out the photo booth. 
Why is his shirt off?
Let's just say like father like son....

Just posing for a few more pics!

Goofing around with daddy

Kevin and Rob let me dress them up...and take a picture. Yay!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing at the ZOO

Last Friday the weather was BEAUTIFUL so we decided to head out to the Zoo with some friends. We headed to the children's area first so that the boys could run around - they loved it but Ryan kept trying to take a dip in the water so we had to move on.

Checking out the fish tank

Just chatting with his new goat buddy

He was ok sitting with them but just didn't care to feed them. Whatever works. 

Here piggy pig

I spy an elephant

Just driving in my safari jeep with my buddy Ford

Ryan really liked the giraffes. So intrigued.

I wasn't sure how Ryan would react to the giraffes (considering he wasn't a huge fan of feeding the goats) but he was actually all about it. Look at those little hands getting right up there to that mouth. What a sizzler. 
What a beautiful day! 
Loving this Texas Winter!

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