Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Circus First Birthday

This past weekend we headed down to Austin for a fun family getaway. One of our friends was throwing a first birthday party for her daughter so it was the perfect excuse to make the trip. It also worked out that my brother and Claire were going to be in town. We had such a wonderful weekend and were so happy that we got to hang out with friends and family. I'll detail the rest of the weekend in another post but for this one it's all about the PARTY!

Natalie did such an awesome job planning this party for her little girl Reese! I loved the theme, the bright color decorations and of course all the yummy food.

Check out the adorable party below-->
I love the picture of big brother Aiden leaning in to give his little sister a kiss! So cute!

Ryan had a BALL! 
There were so many toys that he loved playing with and he enjoyed the food as well. 
Ryan LOVED this hot pink cupcake. 
He really just enjoyed licking the icing...who can blame him?

Oh and he was a HUGE fan of the sandbox. Can't wait to get him back to the beach!!!

One of Ryan's favorite toys that he found. He may have monopolized it. 

My little silly clown testing out the photo booth. 
Why is his shirt off?
Let's just say like father like son....

Just posing for a few more pics!

Goofing around with daddy

Kevin and Rob let me dress them up...and take a picture. Yay!

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