Monday, October 8, 2012

State Fair of Texas


Yesterday we took the boys to the fair and we had a blast! This was the first year that Ryan could actually enjoy it (we missed it last year and the year before he was too small to Grayson's age). 

I snapped this picture walking little baby G all bundled up. He actually stayed up for quite a while. I think all the lights and sounds really interested him...perhaps a little overstimulation? I nursed him once and then he was passed out the rest of the time. Nothing like nursing a baby at the stat fair! lol!

 The weather wasn't all that great and Ryan had a major runny nose but overall it was a success. When we got there we stocked up on tickets and a game card. Ryan was unsure of all of the chaos and noise but he eventually eased into it all. There was a rubber duck game where you just pull a duck out of the pond with your hand and you win...but Ryan kinda freaked out and wouldn't do it. I think it was too soon...he still needed to scope things out.

There were lots of fun rides but he wasn't interested in going on them - he really just liked watching them. 

We did finally get him to go on one little train ride with Kevin and when it was over he cried.

I guess I probably should have gone with Ryan - Kevin's poor legs!

What's a visit to the fair without trying the food? Of course we had to get a corny dog and a turkey leg - you can't really go to the fair without doing that! The rest was just for fun :)
Ryan was a big fan of all the fair food. He loved the turkey leg and the corny dog.

The fried cheeseburger balls were pretty darn good! 

I also LOVED the fried Oreos - we got some vanilla ice cream to go along with it - per Ryan's request. 
Wow! Can you see why I haven't lost the rest of my baby weight? lol! Kevin and I felt pretty worthless after eating all that food but it only happens once a year - you gotta do it!

In between all of our food we played some more games. I thought Ryan would love this game since he plays it all the time at home. He did. And he won a prize which he absolutely LOVES. 

After some games we headed to the other side to check out the animals. It was pretty crowded - apparently one of the goats gave birth like 5 minutes before we got there and I guess it drew a pretty large crowd. Goodness. Ryan was a fan of the kangaroos. After the animals we were pretty tired so we decided to call it a day. Can't wait to take the boys next year - when Grayson can actually enjoy it!

Ryan and his prize piggy that he calls Blue. 
It hasn't left his side...he slept with it last night, ate breakfast with it and insisted on bringing it to school today. So cute!

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  1. Ahhh, so fun!! We can't wait to go. Hopefully this weekend! :) xo


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