Friday, June 17, 2011

Swim Lessons

This week we started swim lessons with Dolfin Swim School and it has been so much fun. It is a two week program and we go from 10:30- 11:10 Monday - Thursday.  It is a mommy and me class (obviously) that teaches aquatic skills in a fun way. The instructors use songs to entertain the kiddos while we learn our lessons. They also use toys which is always a big hit! One of the things I love is that it is held in someones backyard pool and it is a small class. It just feels so much more natural. Once again he is mesmerized by his instructors - he just loves them so much. If he could swim I am sure he would swim right up to them and just hang out.

We start the class off by sitting on the ledge and splashing hello. There are a few rules that mommies are suppose to follow - like we aren't suppose to say "under" or "under water", or wipe our faces when we come up and also are not suppose flinch when being splashed. If we retrieve toys we can't use our feet - we make a big deal about putting our faces under and getting with our hands. I guess our little guys pick up on our habits and will start doing them as learned behavior. Anyhow, mommies enter the pool and our babies are suppose to sit on the side until we are ready. Oh man that is hard for Ryan. He sees me go in and he just wants to flop right in. He is getting better but usually needs to be distracted.

We hold them in front of us (can't remember the name of the pose) instead of letting them clutch to us and holding them on the side. Ryan doesn't mind it at all and loves to swim around in my arms. I won't go into the details of each exercise but I will mention that DUNK day was this past Wednesday. The instructors kept telling us it was coming and I didn't think much of it.  Oh my I think I was more scared than little Ryan. This isn't just a push him down underwater and pop back up - we had to basically dive down to the bottom and swim with them!!! ahhh it was crazy! Even so all of the kiddos did great - including Ryan! There is even a little 4 month old that didn't even flinch. Goodness, it is crazy to watch!

We are having so much fun in class and when its time to leave Ryan is always trying to crawl back over to the pool area. He loves to swim! After class the teacher gives them a little snack - goldfish or animal crackers. The picture below is Ryan and his buddy Ford sharing some of their snacks! so cute!

I'll have to get some better pictures next week. Next Thursday (June 23rd) is friends and family day. Everyone is invited to come watch and see everything they have learned. Unfortunately Kevin has a day trip to Houston planned, my parents live in Houston and his grandparents are up in Montana, so no one will be able to come and watch. :( I hope I can get someone to video tape it with our camera so that we can share it with everyone!


  1. How nice! Don't you just love swim lessons? I took my kids to get swim lessons in Coppell, Texas at Aqua-Tots, and we had a good time. How are your kids doing now with swimming?

  2. Michelle, your babies are simply adorable! I love these pictures. You have a nice camera. Thanks for sharing your story. I especially love the part about "Dunk Day".

    Hi Anonymous: Your link is broken. I think you meant to put swim lessons in Coppell, TX


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