Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pool Party

This past Saturday my friend Susanne had a pool party so we headed out to Carrolton to sizzle in the sun with everyone. Technically kids weren't invited, but I didn't actually read the evite - so that was totally my bad. Luckily Ryan isn't considered a KID so it wasn't really a problem. BUT I do know for next time! Plus we were there during he day when everything was rather tame so it wasn't much of an issue. We had good time and Ryan loved Susanne's dog Roxy - who was actually super nice, which is always a PLUS!

Below is Ryan playing with Roxy

Loving her!

Playing with d-lo!

Loving Lindsey in the pool!

Kevin took this picture and failed to tell me I looked like a naked 80's giant - lol, good stuff. But little R looks adorable in in sunglasses!

And lastly Ryan found the door stopper - and loved it. What a fun day! Thanks Susanne!!

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