Monday, May 16, 2011

Updates all around

Daily Dimples just got a new look thanks to Erika at The Fairy Blogmother! I really love it and hope you do too! You might have noticed my new site last week, but then Blogger did site updates and erased all the coding - boo! We waited a couple of days to see if they would restore everything (like they promised) but they didn't, so Erika had to reinstall everything again. She rocks! (note: at the time of this original post it has not been updated)

And a little update on us - well little R has been having a time with his front teeth. Let's just say we have been in adjustment mode for the past two weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that we are almost past this little phase as Ryan is currently taking his first morning nap (in his crib) in the past two weeks! He has been one fussy little man who never wants to nap, cries when he can't see me (only at home), and doesn't sleep through the night. Whew - it's been an adjustment!

My perfect little 'three times a day napper' and 'full nighttime sleeper' all of the sudden decided all that sleep wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  The only time he was interested in napping was in his car seat when I was out of the house. As soon as we get home his eyes pop open and he is ready to play again. Oh and when I say "play" I really just mean he wants to be held. He cries (more of a whine) anytime I sit him down and it has been exhausting. Luckily my mom came in town to help (Kevin was also out of town) and I am pretty sure Ryan wore her out too! She was so amazing and babysat Ryan both Thursday and Friday night! We are so lucky!

Back to Ryan - the funny thing was that when we were out and about, either at little gym, play dates or even just running errands he was so happy and/or so sleepy!  At little gym last week he didn't even acknowledge me. I couldn't believe how independent he was being! As soon as we got there he crawled over to Mr. Barry (the teacher) and sat in front of him, in awe, the entire time. Check out the picture below:

It's so amazing to start seeing a little personality in him. When it was time to play, he played. He crawled around and hung out with all the other kiddos. We had a play date with Ford and his mommy at the arboretum and he played (without whining) the whole time. But as soon as we get home he just wants to hang out with mommy. It's so sweet but makes it so difficult to get anything done.

So I know "this too shall pass" and knowing that helps me put it all in perspective. It is funny how things can get so crazy and out of sorts but I am doing what I love so its hardly worth complaining about. He has now been napping for 45 minutes! Success!

Here are a few other pictures that I took on my iphone during the week!

Happy as a clam at Buy Buy Baby

At Hacienda for lunch...Yia Yia T styled his hair!

Blue raspberry flavored Advil - I wasn't really thinking when I made that purchase!

Took a walk to society bakery - so yummy!

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  1. as I always tell myself, it never gets easier - just continues to get better.., sorry he's going through a rough patch.. you are right though, this too shall pas and then he'll be on to a new phase soon (probably one that's more fun but w/ also new challenges)


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