Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 months

This past month you were a bit of a wild card. Everything was turned upside-down when you started getting your front teeth and all I can say is that I am so glad they are in! At first I just noticed small changes in your behavior, for example, you would cry in the morning when you woke up instead of playing around. I really didn't think much of it but then one day you were just mad. All. Day. Long. Poor little guy didn't want to take a nap, didn't want to play, didn't want your diaper or clothes changed and you didn't even like ...GASP....bath time! You were grumpy for about a week, then MAD for a week, then back to grumpy THEN back to my little happy baby! Yay!

I am so glad I have my happy little man back. You are a chat-osaurus rex in the morning and it is adorable.  You also started blowing raspberries like a crazy man. I am not sure you have officially said your first word but it seems like you can say Dada and Bob (well Ba, but I know what you mean). Sometimes when you are crying it sounds like you are saying mama but I am not sure. When Yia Yia T was in town she swore she heard you saying her name too. It won't be long I am sure of that!

You really love BOB but unfortunately he is not as thrilled with you. He is not so sure what to do ever since you started crawling and going after him. If I say Bob you know exactly who I am talking about and you look for him and then sometimes say Ba Ba. All day long I have to separate you two because all you want to do is chase him and he just wants to eat, sleep and guard. The good thing is that he makes you so happy so if you do get upset for any reason all I have to do if direct your attention to Bob and you  get all smiley again.

Happy little bug trying to grab the camera

Check out those cheeks

Your personality is really starting to show. You are AGGRESSIVE. You bang your toys loudly and shove fistfuls of food in your little mouth. It cracks us up! When you talk you are LOUD as well - but I think most babies are. When we are in public you tend to be a bit more shy. You are super quiet and just take everything in. Perhaps even a little nosey because you are always watching what others are doing, sometimes even straining your neck to continue watching something that interests you. Mommy can be nosey too, so perhaps you just learned from me.

You can be so dramatic - I always forget to write about this and I don't want to forget because it makes your dad and I crack up. Every night after you get your bottle you take the last sip and let out a HUGE sigh and then just collapse asleep. It is so funny and we are going to get it on tape so you can see what a production you make.

You were not a fan of laying down...

I feed you regular food three times a day, nurse you four times and give you two bottles. I think we will drop another (nursing) feeding pretty soon. You get so distracted which makes it difficult to get the job done. We didn't have any issues with dropping the noon feeding so I am thinking the rest shouldn't be too difficult. The only one that might be a little difficult is the morning one but I am sure we will be fine. I really can't believe that I have lasted this long!

You don't really care for baby food anymore which is fine because its easier just to give you what we are having. You have been really great eating all sorts of new textures and tastes and you really like chicken, pasta, hummus, guacamole, beans, cheese and watermelon. Hmmm I really need to step up the veggie intake! You will pick things up yourself and put them in your mouth but you tend to grab everything at once and try to jam it all in, which then I have to remove most of it so you don't choke. You tried pizza for the first time and really loved it - you were really happy to feed yourself without any assistance! We are still working on the whole sippy cup thing. You will drink from it but just aren't a huge fan of holding it yourself - kinda like you are with a bottle.

You started sleeping with your booty up in the air and it is precious. It doesn't seem like the most comfortable position but you love it. Let's see what else you are liking these days:

Apple Cinnamon wagon wheels
Mum mums

Getting your diaper changed - you stopped screaming but you just wiggle so much its so hard for me to get one on you!
Cutting teeth

On our unofficial scale you weigh: 18.5
Size 3 diapers
6-12 month clothing
Teeth: 2 bottom & 2 teeth

My favorite thing that you started doing is reaching for me! Yay! You also will crawl over to me and sit at my foot which means, please pick me up mommy. You also started waving this month but are still not consistent with it. Sometimes you will wave when I tell you to, sometimes you will copy me and then sometimes you are not interested in all. I also noticed that you know your name! However, like Bob, sometimes you listen when I call you to come to me and sometimes you don't.

Done taking pics

We love you to pieces little bug! xoxo, mommy

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