Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I like to move it move it

Every night Ryan goes to sleep like a normal little baby. He is put in his crib with his head at the top but he doesn't stay there for long! Ever since he has been in his crib he has moved around like a little bug. I call him my little inch-worm because he usually inches himself all the way to the bottom of the crib. However, recently he has added circles to his nightly repertoire. For a while when I went to get him he moved 90 degrees and was perpendicular from his original start. Yesterday when I found him he was 180 degrees from his original start! (At 5am he was 90 degrees and by 7am he had moved an additional 90 degrees.)

This morning he added an additional 90 degrees to his accomplishment yesterday. 

He is such a little wiggle-worm! 
I'm working on his 3-month post - coming later today!

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