Saturday, September 2, 2017

Grayson's 5th Birthday

Grayson has been SO excited for his birthday! We have been counting down the days...poor middle child has the LAST birthday in the family.
Grayson was thrilled to have his birthday party at Obstacle Warrior Kids. When we arrived the party room was all set up and once the kids were signed in they were off to play.

They all loved the obstacle courses!

Hayden & the monkey bars!

The kids had a blast exploring the courses, playing tag and even braved the dodgeball court! 

Hayden did too!

Selfie with Nat :)

These sweet kids decided dodgeball wasn't quite for they watched :) 

After an hour of playing we headed to the party area for pizza & cake!

All set up
I did not have to lift a finger...which was pretty amazing!

Then the kiddos came...

Pizza with Aiden & Jack

Sweet boys!

Andy and Jack!

Grayson LOVED all the attention! So cute :)

After eating they headed back to the play area for some more dodgeball!

And then it was time to head favors from Obstacle Warriors were a big hit! 

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