Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Old Fashion Pool Party!

I was about to plan a robotics lego party for Ryan when my friend Casey texted me about doing a joint triple birthday party. Since most of the kids would be inviting the same crew it kinda made sense...Ryan was on board so we said YES :) 

We sent out an evite and the party planning began. We kept it really simple cake, watermelon and goldfish. The kids swam the whole time anyways....and to get everyone out of the pool area at the end we had some beachball pinatas to bust at the park outside. 

We rented the whole tietze park pool out for the party! It worked out really well!

Kevin was brave as the man in charge of the pinatas - so many kids swinging the bat. So many close calls....

Everyone had a blast! We were lucky that the "cold front" came through the night before and the high was only in the 90s! Wohoo!
Birthday party success!!!

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