Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Ryan

My little boy is SIX!

I love hearing his footsteps in the morning. Ryan is usually up before Grayson and he hops out of bed, slams his door shut (working on that) and runs like his a$$ is on fire down the stairs. We always know when he is coming! lol

Of course on his birthday he was even more excited to get downstairs!
This year I only decorated the kitchen table and he actually asked me why there weren't "squiggly" things in his doorway like I usually do for his birthday. Oops - didn't realize he loved it that much.  Anyhow, he came downstairs to some gifts and DONUTS! 

Opening gifts...

A snow cone maker from Yiayia and Papu! 

Legos, legos, legos....

And his big request was this Meccano Personal Robot. He wanted this for Christmas this past year but since it is ages 10+ we decided to wait until he was older. Well, he continued to talk about it and since he loves robots and building things we figured we might as well.... He was so happy when he unwrapped it and told everyone he saw all about it all day long. 

Break for donuts. Hayden was a huge fan of the donut hole tower and kept sneaking them on her plate. Don't worry - she didn't eat them all!
Oh, and it's not that I didn't take any pictures of Grayson - he wasn't awake yet! That little man loves his sleep. Don't worry, we saved some donuts for him. 

We needed to pick up Ryan's cookie cake from the mall so we headed up there to burn some energy before Hayden's nap. 

While Hayden napped these two tested out the new snow cone machine. They approved. 

And then Ryan and Kevin started working on the robot....

The plan was to order pizza and have cake but at the last minute we decided to invite some friends over to celebrate - and help us eat cake!!!

Happy birthday to Ryan!

We love this little dude something fierce. 

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