Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grayson 11 months


You are so much fun AND ohsomuch work! But we love it! I mentioned in last months post how much we are loving this stage and we still do. It's such a great stage! You have that squishy baby cuteness and are learning new things daily. I love that we are now in a predictable routine, everyone gets good sleep, and you can actually play/interact with us.

 Our mornings usually start around 7am when I hear you either happily babbling in your crib or screaming...every day is different. I nurse you and then we play in your room for a little bit....usually I lay there and watch you explore. When you head for the door it's go time...we head downstairs for breakfast. Your brother wakes up around 8am and he eats and you guys play. I put on a tv show for him but you still have no interest in tv (or my iphone for that matter!). When we don't have something going on we usually go on a morning walk to the park. You LOVE the swing! Around 9:30/10am you are ready for your morning nap, which usually lasts 1.5-2hrs. When you wake up I nurse you again, then we head downstairs to eat lunch and play. Depending on the day we either try and get out to do something fun, run errands, or play at home. Around 2:30 you are ready for round 2. If Ryan is home this is usually my first (and only) break - usually get about an hour and a half to myself which I typically spend cleaning up but also have been known to just hang out watching tv/computer. Around 4pm you guys are up and we try and get out of the house. Around 6pm your dad gets home and we all eat dinner. After dinner you boys play with daddy and then he gives you a bath. After bath time the four of us usually play in the playroom or in Ryan's room. We get you boys ready for bed and then I give you 8oz of formula! (wohoo! I stopped pumping this month). After your bottle you are out. Nighty night little juicy fruit!

- Another tooth, bottom left (7 total)
- Pulling up
- Crawling uber fast (multiple people have made comments on your speed) and you even adjust your crawl depending on the situation. If you are carrying toys you will army crawl, if you are on grass you will bear crawl so you don't touch much of it!
- You learned how to wave hello and prefer to wave goodbye
- We are working on clapping, you get super excited when someone else claps and you move your hands up and down trying to do it....
- I've started giving you sippy cups and you do pretty well with them. You will use the regular sippy ones and also have masted the straw ones that Ryan uses.


What else are you doing:
- eating those squishy (veggie/fruit) pouches all by yourself. I try to always have one on hand because you love them (and are often hungry). They are so easy!

- You love playing copycat, You will copy noises we make like and even things we do. Daddy was playing with you and putting toys on his head, you would take the toy and do the same thing. So cute!
- You love knocking down things that are stacked up (Ryan loved this too!) It's so cute watching you discover something all stacked up and high-tail it over so that you can knock it over.
- You learned how to climb up a step stool ladder and are very proud of your accomplishment
- You are such a happy little man and started this adorable smile - you squint your eyes and give a big ol grin. It's my favorite face and I hope to capture it soon! 

- Anything Ryan is playing with
- Balloons
- Balls
- Cars
- Music class
- Peek-a-boo
- Baths/Pool

- Diaper changes
- Changing clothes
- When someone takes something away from you
- Car seat (on long rides) - this is pretty understandable. You look at me like "pick me up please!!!" And of course scream. Poor guy!

We had such a wonderful month - we celebrated your brother turning three and you make your first (of many) trips to Montana! We love you bunches!

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