Friday, July 19, 2013

4th of July Weekend

I look forward to July 4th every year - we have a little reunion with friends, spend the day out in the sun (usually at the lake), grill out, watch fireworks and stay up way too late!  We usually head to the Terry's lake house, however, this year the house doesn't exist! They are in the process of building a new one soooo we were left to our own devices and had to find a place celebrate. 

We found a place in Austin that was large enough to host all of us - that's all six families and two single men. I often get a funny look when I say two single men...people wonder why on earth two single men would want to hang out with 11 kids under the age of 4...and I don't really know why they do either. Except they are just good guys. They are the cool uncles - not to say we don't already have some cool uncles. Anyhow.....before we left I wanted to get a quick pic of the boys. 
So I tried...but it's darn hard. This is what happens when he doesn't have his paci in...eating rocks. 

So I had to plug up that little mouth

After three hours in the car without stopping - wohoo - we made it to the Rockin' Y Ranch.  It's actually kind of an odd location as you are driving through a pretty normal neighborhood then all of the sudden you are at the top of a hill and there is this huge property. The ranch is on 30 acres and there is a party barn, pool, two outdoor fire pits (which we didn't use because there was a burn ban) and a chicken coop (which you are allowed to eat the fresh eggs that are laid daily). Anyhow the house is older and has a rustic feel but it was perfect for us with the amount of space it had!

 There was a big pool! The kiddos loved it!
Ryan and Grayson playing together in the pool

Reese and Ryan eating ice from the keg...that's sanitary right?

We were five minutes from the Austin Zoo. There were lots of animals including a bear! Which Dallas doesn't have...and there is a train...which is a big hit with all the kiddos.

Holding hands with Marin

Marin, Blake and Ava

Ryan loved Bruschi

Walking up to the Party Barn!

The guys playing washers

Benjamin and Ryan checking out the chicken coop

One fresh egg!

Baby central!

Hanging out with the littles! Grayson, Peter, Blake, & Clive. Cuteness!

 The whole gang minus Rob & Jeff. 
 All the kiddos. From left to right: Peter, Reese, Ava, Blake, Marin, Benjamin, Jack, Ryan, Aiden, Clive & Grayson. Whew!
And Grayson going after Blake again...

So much fun! Usually we only stay one night at the Terry's but it was so nice to spend 4 days with everyone. We had amazing food every night (and day) all the kiddos were entertained and happy! the adults had fun during the day and also were able to relax a little at night and have a few drinks up in the party barn while the kids slept! I had my doubts heading into the week but it was definitely something I would do again - so much fun!

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  1. awesome! all of yall are super brave, but such a great memory to have and do again


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