Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Month Stats (Grayson)

Yesterday we had Grayson's two month check-up and Grayson did great! I was really looking forward to this visit because I knew he had gained some weight and I was excited to see how much! Would we finally make it out of the 10% range??? I was hoping so!!! I know it might be silly but it is so satisfying seeing you little one grow knowing that it is all because of what you are providing for him -it's quite amazing that mommy's milk is all they need!

Weight: 11lbs 3 oz (45%)
Height: 23 inches (50%)
Head: 38cm (10%) - (I was a little shocked to realize his head was so small, it doesn't really look small!!)

So proud of my little bug (heck and myself!)! Dr. Neely came in and checked him out - everything looks great! When he put him on his stomach he said "Unfortunately for you this little guy is already starting to move". He said that he is strong and was impressed that he was already getting his hands under him to push up - go little G! 

Just for the heck of it here is where Ryan was at 2-months
Weight: 9lbs 8 oz (10%)
Height: 22 inches (25%)
Head: 37cm (5%)

Clearly all of this was before the shots...

Getting ready for the shots...his arm span looks so long!

Little G got three shots and an oral vaccine - it was no fun. His little face turned bright red with anger. Luckily I was able to calm him down and then I nursed him a little just to help him get comfy and tired. We headed home to drop some stuff off then needed to run by Whole Foods and then over to the Hales to pick up Ryan - Gigi had picked Ryan (and Audrey) up from school.

Grayson wasn't acting super tired - kinda his regular self. However, he was pretty tired around bedtime and we could only get two ounces of milk down before he decided he was done. I gave him some tylenol just in case and put him to bed. I was hoping for a nice long night of sleep....but that was not the case. At 12:45am he woke up and decided sleeping wasn't going to work for him. I knew he didn't need to be nursed at 12:45 (he had been sleeping at least until 2:30...sometimes even 4:30) but after three attempts to get him back down I gave in and nursed. And then he fell asleep while eating...so I tried to put him in his bassinet but he immediately woke up and was fussy. And that's basically how the rest of the morning went....he just wasn't happy. Kevin came in around 4:45 am to help out but I could still hear them and was unable to fall asleep. So at 6:12am I got up and nursed him again and then Ryan got up around 7am so it was game time...no going back to sleep for us!

Grayson was actually pretty content in the morning (considering he hadn't slept) but he still wasn't settling down for a good nap. He FINALLY fell asleep around 11:30 and I just got Ryan down...so I should totally be taking a nap...but here I am trying to catch up...but now I am going...to sleep!

Oh and BTW if you couldn't tell my feelings on the subject...two month shots suck!

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  1. I agree! William is always fussy after shots especially 2 month and 4! No fun for mommy.


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