Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

The start of Valentine's week....
Sweet boy working on his "Candygrams". 
Candygrams are a time-honored tradition at Stonewall and all of the students buy them for their classmates, friends and teachers.  The best past is that all of the proceeds go directly toward the Stonewall Deaf Education program. I sent him to school with money and he was so excited to purchase his candy grams at lunch time all by himself. It was the first thing he showed me when I picked him up - and he got right to work on them!

Last Thursday we hosted a little Valentines playdate - candy and games for the kiddos and shopping for the mamas! 

The kids made valentine cards

And played games with Sheridan - Valentine's Bingo & a "Minute-to-win-it Candy obstacle course"

On Monday the littles celebrated Valentines Day at school. 
My friend picked Hayden up from school and went I picked her up these two cuties were handing out on the back steps chatting over some candy. Love how close they are sitting even though the entire step was open. So cute! 

Checking out all of his goodies!

Valentine's Day!
Donuts and goodies for breakfast!

These robots were ALL Ryan's idea. We picked out the candy and I help assemble them (since I had to use a hot glue gun). I found the little tags on Etsy here. 

Hayden woke up after Ryan had left....and let's just say she isn't a morning person. There were no smiles. 
Here she is trying to hide. She turns away from the camera....she would have turned all the way around but her donut hit the wall so she stayed to the side. 

Later that afternoon I joined Ryan for his class party!
So proud of his Kylo-Ren candy box. 

Candy Obstacle course & Valentine Bingo for the win!

After the fun games and snacks the class showed us some of their dance moves. 
Ryan's in the waaaaaaay back....but he was movin'

When we got home Ryan wanted me to take a picture of all of his "stuff"

And Kevin and I celebrated with some society bakery cupcakes after the kiddos went to bed. So yum!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weekend FIVE - 1.27.17

1. D.E.A.R. Reader
On Friday morning Kevin was the guest reader in Ryan's classroom. Good thing I was up there for a meeting because we totally forgot that it was picture day! I was able to bring Ryan up something to wear and give him some 'handsome' hair...and take a snap of Kevin reading. 

Damaris helped with the kids that afternoon. When I got home I walked into this.
2. Markers.
It was most likely inspired by Hayden's shenanigans from yesterday.  She was so proud of herself until I showed her this picture, then she looked horrified. 

Saturday morning we headed to swim lessons, then off to Ryan's basketball game. Since the weather was awesome we met some friends up at The Lot. 

3. The Lot
We ended up spending the entire afternoon here. 

The kids had so much fun running around...and it was actually pretty empty!

4. Papa's Birthday 
On Sunday we celebrated Papa's birthday with a family brunch. The boys were so excited to give them birthday cards that they made. with markers. 
Grayson drew Papa and a dog. Inside he wrote a lot of letters. 

And of course Ryan included a robot on his!

And we didn't mess with giving her markers again. Although she did put some makeup on while I was getting ready. That little dark spot under her eye is just a little big deal.
Makeup - check. Purse - check. Maybe we are getting a little girly. 
We also got to wear her new sweater that Gigi knitted her - isn't it adorable? We love it!

After brunch we decided to walk around and check out The Farmers Market. 

The boys picked out some Greek cookies

5. Birthday Parties! 
Kevin took the boys to a birthday party and I was on girl duty with Hayden. 
That afternoon Hayden skipped her nap and we headed to her first girly girl party - A ballet party for her friend Blythe!
I had a feeling most of the girls would be in pale pink, but this little firecracker rocked her hot pink leotard and neon green tights like nobody's business. 

The girls danced with a "Real" ballerina and learned some moves...then had some cupcakes!

Hayden enjoyed her cupcake.

Trying to get a picture of all the girls with the ballerina. 

Afterwards we headed straight to the Little Gym to celebrate her friend Julia's 3rd birthday. 
Hayden had so much FUN!!! She was one of the youngest kids there but that didn't stop her from participating in everything. She LOVED it!

Busy busy weekend...Kevin and I were beat and ready for bed Sunday night.

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