Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Easter

We had to get the crew up around 7am so that we could get things going. 
They were tired but so excited to see what the bunny left for them. We ate a quick breakfast then headed out the door to meet Kevin's family for 8:30 Easter Service. 

After church we came home and hunted easter eggs that the bunny left!

We headed over to the Sun's house for brunch!
Kids table!

Crazy kids (minus Hayden)

And of course confetti eggs!

So thankful! 

Easter Fun

On Good Friday we started our day out with an Easter Egg hunt.

We headed over to Lakewood park for the MOPs egg hunt. So many cute kiddos decked out in sweet spring colors. 

I love this picture because 

And then she swooped in and stole the little pink egg before this little boy even knew what happened. 

Very pleased with what was inside

Happy with his hunting skills

Crazy kids and happy mamas. Yes, I realize the Uggs were a little overkill. In my defense, it was 40 degrees at 6am...

 Saturday morning we headed to Lakewood Country Club for the Easter festivities. 
The balloon artist was a hit as usual. They boys asked for laser guns. 

no comment on Grayson's ballon. 

And the monkey was back with all of his tricks. 

She was very enthusiastic. 

Cupcake decorating. 
So proud!

Finally the egg hunt
We ran from the club to the soccer fields ...then home for Hayden's nap. 

The weather was amazing so we had some friends over to play!
Hayden stole Ford's hat! So cute!

Egg hunt & piƱata fun for the kids!

Sweet boys have been friends since they were six months old!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday - March 30

1. What we're eating this week...
I have been loving HelloFresh lately.
This week we received these two meals:

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
Easter last year
Look how little H was!
And this year...
It's actually kinda crazy how similar these pictures are! Ryan is happy, Hayden isn't paying attention and G is sleepy! Not much changed in a year! lol

3. What I'm loving
EXTRA DAYLIGHT! I love this time change - I am all for a little more sunshine :)

4. What we've been up to
Easter! Here is how we spent the weekend and here is what we did on Easter Sunday!

5. What I'm dreading
Mosquitos. Those darn things love me. I swear I will get bitten 20 times before Kevin even notices one. Not looking forward to dealing with those guys!

6. What I'm excited about
Laundry room facelift. I am excited to make the laundry room more functional and less cluttered. When we were building the house we didn't spend much time focusing on this room. Now that we have lived here for almost three years I know how I use it and how I would like to use it. Kevin finished the sliding door and I love it! Next up is the backsplash and finishing out the cabinets.

7. What I'm watching/reading
We just started watching this and we are hooked - it's so darn good! I can't believe we waited this long!

8. What I'm listening to
Whatever is playing on the radio...

9. What I'm wearing
J Crew denim shorts - yay for shorts weather! I basically lived in these guys last summer so I grabbed another pair (in a darker wash) for this year.

10. What I'm doing this weekend
Ryan has his first flag football game. We missed last weekends game so this one will be his first. I am anxious to see how it goes!
Grayson has a soccer game on Saturday and then we will celebrate a friends first birthday that afternoon.
Easy breezy weekend. Looking forward to it!

11. What I'm looking forward to next month
Girls trip to New Orleans

Previous trips with these ladies have been to Nashville, Fredericksburg & Napa (which apparently I never blogged about. stay tuned...)

12. What else is new
Just trying to get our summer schedules planned! It's crazy how time consuming it is!
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